A site exploring the relationship between Classical music and film music


Little Voices (Pequeñas Voces):

Director Eduardo Carrillo non-traditional film introduces us to the fate of young children in Colombia's internal conflict


Citroen C4:

Juan Carlos Arenas' version of the TV ad, The dancing Transformer


Los Musicos:

London based band playing Tropical, Salsa and Latin music in London and the UK



Latin music band and music services. A refreshing approach to tropical music


Zil Hoque:

British painter with a deep interest in the masters such as Goya, Velasquez, Rembrandt and Bacon



Colombian Cumbia with contemporary sounds and lyrics


Mojo Lady:

Acoustic versions of classic pop and rock music.


Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign:

Works to address economic disadvantage in Nicaragua



Buy independent media TV programmes at a sensible price



A page in Spanish about anthropology in Colombia - Colombia in anthropology.

Lots of resources and articles that can be consulted and downloaded


Shooting People:

The US and UK indie film community



Documentary Educational Resources, producing and distributing of cross-cultural documentary film for educational use


The Cultural Creative Web Directory:

The best hand-picked, human edited cultural creative directory of sites and resources.


Of music, gigging and the search for time:

Entries about the life of a musician in the 21st Century

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